The Law of Return & the Jewish Gold Standard

The Zionist Paradox and its consequences
Some time ago I observed in conversation that many of the newcomers from Russia are obviously not Jews, and at once the question came: 'Why does it matter?'

I was troubled. Why should it bother me, who've never especially attached to the Jewish identity, who always believed that the more the human race gets mixed the better? After giving it much thought, I realized that my uneasiness was rooted in Israel's history.


A Month in India

I had dreamed of going to India for ages. At the age of 14, I spent the entire summer vacations in the town library, reading up on religions. India fascinated me because of Hinduism and the birth of Buddhism. Years later I read Max Weber’s “The Religions of India” and “The Religions of China” - not the most readable or the most reliable summaries, in an awful English translation - and the Indian volume got me intrigued all over again.