South of the Border, Down Tel Aviv Way

As I write, it is fifteen days since the fighting began in southern Lebanon, and Israelis are getting worried. Contrary to expectation, the Hizbollah is putting up a sturdy resistance - this is no gang of terrorists lurking in a neutral area, but a well-entrenched, highly motivated fighting force functioning in its natural environment. Not only is northern Israel, including the industrial zones around Haifa and the bucolic towns in the hills of Galilee, coming under a persistent barrage of rockets, the Israeli armed forces are losing men and materiel. While Lebanon is being massively devastated, Israel is beginning to feel the attrition of "refugees" from the north swarming southwards, leaving some areas looking like ghost towns, and now an increasingly shrill, not to say hysterical, tone is creeping into the statements of government officials.


An excuse for Israel

(Published in Frontline, India, Volume 23 - Issue 03)

Behind the facade of outrage, the Israeli leadership is pleased. Once again, it can protest that there is no partner for the `peace process' and proceed with its well-laid schemes to expand and consolidate the occupation.

Without Sharon, With Hamas

(Published in Frontline, India, Feb 2006, Vol. 23, No. 04) ??

Speaking to the BBC after the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections, Saeb Erakat, the veteran chief negotiator with Israel and Fatah stalwart, said, 'I've been the negotiator with Israel for the past 10 years, and what happened? - More Jewish settlements, more roadblocks, more misery, a wall built across our land... What could we expect?'