The real anti-Semitism

It's become almost impossible to say anything about Jews, even as a mild joke. An African-American actress makes a joke about a photo showing her with a big nose ("That's my Jewish cousin"), and all hell breaks loose. She apologizes for the "antisemitic" remark and eats humble pie.


Joshua, the Settlers and the International Court in the Hague

[Published in Hebrew on Hagadah Hasmalit, June 2007]

The Zionist state rests on three pillars: the Bible, the Holocaust and the nuclear bomb. Each of these pillars is surrounded by a thick roll of barbed wire, deterring anyone who dares to approach or challenge it.

My concern here is the first 'pillar' - the Bible. The other day a group of settlers rampaged in a Muslim cemetery in the West Bank village of Kifl Hares, to celebrate their earlier visit to the supposed tomb of Joshua son of Nun. The media responded in a variety of ways. Some commentators noted that the biblical Joshua was responsible for the genocide of the Canaanites, thus it was not surprising that his admirers are prone to such behaviour. continued…